JTalert, 2.60.4 disponible.  Notas del release https://hamapps.com/php/notes.php?file=jtalert


Wanted Grid Alert: The Alert can now be configured to alert on 2 character (MH2) OR 4 character (MH4) grids. When changing grid format in the Settings window be sure to perform the "Alert Database Rebuild" operation and restart JTAlert.


Alerting: No longer alerting on two word "CALLSIGN GRID" decodes. To enable alerting on these type of decodes see the main JTAlert Settings window, "Alerts - Miscellaneous Alerts" section.


  • Callsigns Window: Callers, SNR and Distance views missing the Disabled callsign sort option. Note: This fix will affect your current sorting selection for these view types.
  • Wanted Callsign Alert: CSV file export missing callsigns with widcard character.
  • QRZ Log Upload: Name data not being uploaded. This was due to JTAlert using old out-of-date api documents from QRZ.com which specified a limited number of adif fields supported with Name field not listed.
  • ClubLog Log Upload: Log uploads quietly failing (no error report from ClubLog server) due to changed upload url that was introduced 1-Jan-2023.